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I was honoured a few weeks ago to be asked to feature my work on Inadesignerhome. IDH is an Australian Design Community featuring the very best in quality designed and manufactured pieces in Australia and abroad. The feature was posted online today, you can read my interview at IDH Blog here

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Darling Weaves

I was absolutely thrilled when the gorgeous duo Menae and Louise from Darling X Two in Como approached me to make some weaves especially for their store. I absolutely love the challenge of working with a client to create something to reflect their own personal style and aesthetic. 

I chose a neutral palette with accents of blush and gold and little subtle details of fringing and roving to add warmth and soft texture. Darling X Two place importance on sourcing their products ethically, so I used wools such as Manos del uruguay Maxima one of my favourite wools, as it is a certified fair trade and is hand-dyed and hand-spun by a cooperative of rural Uruguyan women. The aim of the organisation producing the wool is to bring economic and social opportunities to women living in rural communities. I sourced all of my yarns for this project, including a beautiful plant dyed wool by Harriet Goodall, from Raw Craft in Robertson. 

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Photography Polly Jane